Kelly and Devin

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Our Story

Our story initially begins in February of 2008 at Penn State, where we were introduced through friends when Devin, a recent Penn State graduate, came to visit his alma mater for the weekend with some friends. Kelly's friends and Devin's friends hung out for the weekend, playing Catch Phrase and going out at some of Penn State's bars. Everyone in the group had a great time, and after a fun weekend, Devin and his friends returned back to Pittsburgh, while Kelly stayed at Penn State.

Fast forward two years during the spring of 2010. Kelly was out with some of her friends in Pittsburgh, and Devin was out with some of his friends in Pittsburgh. They ran into each other, remembered the weekend all of their friends hung out at Penn State, and exchanged numbers so that they could hang out again sometime. Kelly and Devin became friends, hanging out here and there, going to the bars in Pittsburgh together - all the while, their friendship was simply that: a friendship.

They were friends for about four years until around the Fourth of July in 2014. Devin went in for a kiss on the dance floor of one of their favorite hangouts, and the rest is history.
Petra Kern